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Chapter 3: With Love among the Unloving

He looks deeply into things
and sees their nature.
He discriminates
and reaches the end of the way.

He does not linger
with those who have a home
nor with those who stray.
Wanting nothing,
he travels on alone.

He hurts nothing.
He never kills.

He moves with love among the unloving,
with peace and detachment
among the hungry and querulous.

Like a mustard seed from the point of a needle
hatred has fallen from him,
and lust, hypocrisy and pride.

He offends no one.
Yet he speaks the truth.
His words are clear
but never harsh.

Whatever is not his
he refuses,
good or bad, great or small.

He wants nothing from this world
and nothing from the next.
He is free.

The master looks deeply into things
and sees their nature.
He discriminates
and reaches the end of the way.

Only the master can look because only the master has eyes. Without meditation you are blind. You can see, but only the most superficial things, only the surface of things, only the circumference and never the center. You cannot penetrate into the nature of things. And truth remains hidden at the very core.

Meditation gives the master an insight into himself and the same insight becomes his bridge to the whole of existence. He is no more blind. Only a man of meditation is not blind. Unless you have attained meditation think of yourself as blind. Yes, you can see, but you can see only outwardly. And the real nature is inside you; it is in your interiority, it is in your subjectivity.

You live outside the house of your being; you have never entered into the innermost shrine. Not knowing yourself, you know nothing. And if you don’t know even yourself, what else can you know? All that you think you know is only inferences - not knowledge, not authentic knowledge but only guesswork.

All your knowledge depends on guessing. Sometimes it works only by coincidence, sometimes it does not work. When it works you think you are very intelligent, when it does not work you think fate is against you. But you never realize the fact that you have no eyes yet to see into things.

Two men were riding on a train for the first time. One of them had a bunch of bananas. He offered one to his friend and began to peel one for himself. Just then, the train entered a tunnel.

“Have you tasted your banana yet?” asked the first man, very alarmed.

“No, I haven’t,” replied his friend.

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