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Chapter 6: A Concession to the Gods

The first question:

How is it that people who are not enlightened can talk with such apparent inside knowledge and so convincingly about the whole business?

Precisely because of that. Not knowing, they don’t hesitate; not knowing, they have nothing to say really, so they can go on spinning; not knowing, they can use language more perfectly. If you know, language is always a barrier; rather than a help it is a hindrance. When you know, you have to be constantly aware because whatsoever you are saying is not that which you know - there is great distance between the two. Sometimes that which you say goes directly opposite to that which you know.

A blind man can talk very easily about light, there is no problem. He has no experience to put into words. Words are empty, so he can go on throwing them out. Of course, he can talk only to another blind man - no man with eyes will be deceived. People who are not enlightened can go on talking to people who are not enlightened.the blind can lead the blind. And, of course, they can argue as well.

Truth is not arguable, truth is not provable. There is no way to prove it, there is no way to logically propose it - it is at the most a seduction. You can seduce a person towards truth but you cannot convince him. Truth is very paradoxical, absurd. A man who does not know what truth is, is more logical, because that which disturbs all logic has not happened yet.

You can talk more easily about love if you have not loved. If you have loved then you will find a difficulty at each step. How to express it? How to say the unsayable? The experience is ineffable; it is so vast it cannot be contained in small words. No container can contain it.

The man who knows, hesitates. Lao Tzu says, “Everybody seems to be very certain except me.” He says, “I hesitate as a man who, coming to an ice-bound river, stands on the bank, thinks twice - and then walks very, very carefully. Everybody is walking so confidently.” Blindness is very confident because it cannot see anything; you can walk into a wall with tremendous confidence. Because he sees things, a man who has eyes cannot walk with as much confidence as a blind man.

All great mystics are unconvincing. By the very nature of things they have to be. You can find a thousand and one flaws in their statements - and they themselves know that the flaws are there. For them it was just a necessary evil to speak. They had to speak. They would have avoided it if it had been possible.

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