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Chapter 5: Just to Relax on the River

Your experience is perfectly true. “It went,” you say, “to my heart like an arrow.”

Yes, it goes into the heart just like an arrow. And after such experience you are never the same person - you cannot be. Just think of a blind man: if his eyes can be cured and he starts seeing the light and the colors, do you think he will remain the same man as he was when he was blind? He will be a totally new person.

Perhaps you are not aware that your experience of life comes eighty percent from your eyes. Only twenty percent is divided among the other four senses. It is not coincidental that a blind man attracts your sympathy more than anybody else. A man who is deaf, a man who cannot smell, a man who cannot walk - of course they create a certain sympathy in you, but the man who cannot see takes the major portion of your sympathy.

Without knowing the reasoning, you are functioning naturally. The blind man is living only twenty percent of his life. Eighty percent of his life does not exist - no colors, no paintings, no flowers, no butterflies.not all the greenery of the world, not the mountains with eternal snows. No sky full of stars, no beautiful sunrise, no beautiful sunset. His life is reduced to such a minimum..

I have heard:

A young man had just won a lottery, and he was passing over a bridge. He always used to give some money to a blind beggar there, but that beggar was not present - somebody else was present. But he was still spreading his hands asking for the money “for a blind man.” So the young man gave him a rupee. The blind man immediately told him, “It is a false coin.”

The man said, “Are you blind or not?”

He said, “I used to be blind before, but people were cheating me. Then I changed my profession; I became deaf and dumb.”

The man asked, “And what happened to the blind man who used to sit here?”

He said, “It is his holiday, he has gone to a movie.”

Your experiences, unless they transform you, are not experiences. They are only clouds in your mind. If you have felt the truth, then it is going to transform your whole life. It will have its impact on your every action, on your every attitude. There is no other way to know whether a man has found the truth or not. The only way is, all his gestures, his eyes, his very presence will start affecting you in a totally different way than you have ever been affected by another being, another man.

He may not say a single word, but his silence will overwhelm you. He may not look at you, but his eyes you will not be able to forget, ever. They will haunt you, they will follow you like a shadow.

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