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Chapter 25: The Field of Awakening

He said, “I also helped an old blind woman to cross the road; it was really the hardest thing I have done in my life.” The teacher could not think that both these boys could find two blind women, but it could be a coincidence. She asked the third.

He said, “I have done the same. I helped an old woman to cross from one side to another side; and I want to tell you, that I am not going to do such good acts again. It was really hard.”

The teacher said, “I am amazed! How could you find three blind women?”

They said, “Who is saying three? It was only one blind woman; we all three were helping her to cross and it was hard because she did not want to go. She started beating us with her walking-stick, but we were determined to do some good act. Although we got beaten, we managed to force her to the other side. And she was shouting madly that, ‘I don’t want to go to the other side.’ But we wanted to do it just to have a taste of good acts. Enough is enough, we will never do such a thing again. Our bones are still hurting.”

So you may have been doing hard, tiring work for the upliftment of humanity, for the betterment of humanity. But has it helped in any way? Or has it gone down the drain even more? It is good that you have decided to relax.

Relax. Don’t help blind women to cross the road; they will find their way.

The people who are insisting on serving you don’t take any care whether you want to be served or not. While I used to travel around the country I was troubled so many times, I could not believe that people are so utterly unconscious about what they are doing.

One night, just in the middle of the night, my train was standing in Rajasthan at Chittaurgarh railway junction. I was alone in my compartment, and a man entered and started massaging my feet. I said, “I am not in any need of massage; and don’t disturb my sleep, it will be very kind of you.”

He said, “I had been trying hard to reach you when you were giving a meditation camp in Udaipur, but your secretaries and others wouldn’t let me in. And I have decided that I will serve you in some way or other. I have come up to Chittaurgarh just to find you alone. You can go to sleep, but I am going to massage.”

I said, “When you are massaging, how I can sleep?”

He said, “That is your problem.”

And I had to suffer his massage for one hour continuously, because the train remains for one hour at Chittaurgarh. Seeing no other possibility, that that man is determined to do some good act, I had to suffer it.

It has happened so many times, in different ways. I was traveling from Calcutta to Varanasi. I had a fever; I was utterly tired - seven days camp in Calcutta. I simply wanted to take some medicine and go to sleep, and a man entered. I asked, “What do you want?”

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