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Chapter 3: Belief Is a Barrier, Trust Is a Bridge

And I have to contradict; otherwise my arrows will be futile. Your head will find rationality, consistency, a better philosophy, better argument, more contemporary, and you will be satisfied with your head. And your head is just a computer, it is not you.

Anything can be fed into the head. It can contain almost all the books of all the libraries of the world; a single head can contain that much information. And the more information you have, the more your head starts swelling up, becoming bigger and bigger. And in the noise and the clamor, who is going to listen to the still, small voice of the heart? Hence, you need not believe my contradictions; you should not believe what I say.

When I am here, why not have a heart-to-heart meeting? That is trust. Behead yourself completely!

You are right, and I can see your difficulty, because in ordinary dictionaries “belief,” “faith,” and “trust,” are all synonymous. They are not. Belief is rational, it is in favor of the better argument, it simply goes on following a long line since Adam and Eve - blindly, faithfully. If so many people are ahead of him, they must be going in the right direction. And everybody thinks so too.

My word is “trust,” and it has a different orientation altogether. It is simply a love affair.

Just think of a situation: a man says to a woman, “I believe I love you.” The statement will offend the woman. He believes he loves you. You simply say, “I love you.” There is no question of belief or faith. You cannot say to a beautiful woman, “I have faith, that are beautiful.” That is enough proof that the woman is not beautiful.

Just the other night, I was talking to a very beautiful heart, a Dutch journalist - which is rare, because journalism is worse than politics. In fact, of the people who become journalists, ninety-nine percent are the people who wanted to be politicians but could not manage. They did not have guts enough to fight and struggle. They could not race in competition, so the second alternative was standing by the side and throwing stones at anybody who is going up higher. The whole function of journalism has become nothing but a frustration, and out of frustration, naturally, comes revengefulness against the politicians.

But this man was not of that category. Accidentally it seems, he became a journalist. He had as pure a heart as you have. I was asked by him, “I have been reading so many contradictions in your books. You say one thing today, tomorrow you contradict it. Then how do your sannyasins go on believing in you?”

A consistent question, relevant. You can believe in a person who says the same thing. You cannot believe in a person when you know perfectly well tomorrow he may say just the opposite: “So at least let us wait for tomorrow, then we can see what to do.” But tomorrow never comes, it is always coming.

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