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Chapter 22: The Transparency of Children

I didn’t feel you in the West, but as soon as I arrived in India I felt your presence.

That too, is possible. It depends on the personality. It may be so with you.

There are two types of persons: one person - who is never in the present - is the common type. When this type is here they tend to forget me, and when they go away they start thinking about me, because then I am no more present, at least physically. Then they start thinking about me, they start desiring, and they would like to be here and near me. When they come here they start thinking about their home, the comforts, and a thousand and one things.

This is the majority. It is not very good; there is nothing about it to be appreciated.

But when a person is here and feels me and forgets everything else, it is natural that when he goes away he will forget me.

There is nothing wrong in it. One should be wherever one is, and to think about me will be missing the moment there, and my whole teaching is to remain true to the moment. Never move away from it - neither to the past, nor to the future.

So this is good. When you are here, be here; when you are there, be there. This is how you are following me. This is what my whole effort is to prepare you for. So don’t get worried.rather feel happy and blessed.


Amris means god of immortality - god of immortality and bliss. These are the two things to be known: bliss and immortality, and they are connected together. You cannot know bliss unless you come to know what deathlessness is. With death, one remains in misery. Once you realize the deathless in you then suddenly there is an explosion of bliss.


Abheepsa means a very intense desire, a tremendously intense desire.so intense that only the desire remains and you are lost in it. And anand means bliss. A tremendous desire for bliss.

Desire can have two forms: you can desire something but you remain away from the desire. You can drop the desire or you can fulfill it, but you are separate. If it is not fulfilled you will feel frustrated, but when you are separate, the desire is just accidental to you.

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