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Chapter 18: The Master Is a Metaphor

A rabbi was giving a very serious sermon in the temple when he came to the word “Moses” and from the congregation came a loud voice, “He was a stupid jerk.” The rabbi could not believe his ears and thought he was hearing things, so he continued until again he mentioned Moses and again the loud voice cried, “He was a stupid jerk!”

With that the rabbi stopped and dared the man to identify himself and prove his remark. “Certainly I can, and will,” replied the apparently rebellious Jew.

“You remember when God told Moses to lead our people out of the land of Egypt and Moses led our people to the Red Sea? So what happened? - God parted this Red Sea so Moses could lead our people across. So what happens? - the stupid jerk at the top of the procession leads our people and when he gets to the other side he makes a right hand turn into the desert. If he had made a left hand turn, we would have been up to our asses in oil wells!”

Please don’t be a Jew! And out of a hundred people, ninety-nine point nine percent are Jews - continuously greedy, continuously thinking of gaining this and that. Can’t you allow a few moments without desire? And to be without desire is to be in bliss.

Bliss cannot be desired. It is impossible to desire bliss because desire creates misery. Bliss happens only when you have understood the process of desire, when you have seen it through and through - that all desire ends in misery. When you have seen it, desiring disappears. And in that very moment, instantly, immediately, all is bliss.