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Chapter 9: The Voice of Silence

Out of the silence that is peace
a resonant voice shall arise.
And this voice will say: It is not well;
thou hast reaped, now thou must sow.
And knowing this voice to be the silence itself thou wilt obey.
Thou who art now a disciple,
able to stand, able to hear, able to see, able to speak,
who has conquered desire
and attained to self-knowledge,
who hast seen thy soul in its bloom
and recognized it,
and heard the voice of the silence -
go thou to the hall of learning
and read what is written there for thee..

To hear the voice of the silence
is to understand that from within comes
the only true guidance;
to go to the hall of learning is to enter the state
in which learning becomes possible.
Then will many words be written there for thee,
and written in fiery letters
for thee easily to read.
For when the disciple is ready
the master is ready also.

There are two chapters in the search for truth. First, when the seeker is searching, and second, when he shares. Do not think that your bliss is complete until you have also succeeded in sharing it with others. The search for bliss is not without greed, and to me, the desire for bliss is also self-centered. You are doing it just for yourself. As long as even the smallest part of you is there, desiring bliss just for yourself, your bliss will remain partial. A ray of darkness will always move by the side of such a bliss; a shadow of sadness will always remain there - because as long as you are present, total freedom from suffering is not possible. You may have a glimpse of bliss but it will remain only a glimpse. Your suffering will remain with you in some form or other because you are the suffering.

The day this second step happens, of sharing bliss, on that day you do not remain important: the other becomes important and you become unimportant. On that day, the seeker is not asking for bliss - he is giving it, he is sharing it. And as long as the bliss is not shared, it is not complete. When bliss is attained it is partial, when it is shared it becomes complete.

Think of it as inhaling and exhaling. The incoming breath is partial; you cannot live by just inhaling. If you try to hold the incoming breath, that breath which is the very basis of your life will become the cause of your death. If you inhale you will also have to exhale, and only when the breath is exhaled is the circle completed. The incoming breath is incomplete, the exhaled breath is incomplete: together, they complement each other. These are the two steps which keep life going.

When bliss enters you it is half of the cycle, and when it pours out of you and is shared, scattered, spread among others, spread to the farthest corners of the world, the breath becomes whole.

Remember, you inhale in direct proportion to the intensity with which you exhale. If a person exhales properly, then he is capable of inhaling to the same extent. The more a person lets go, the more he receives. And if after getting more he gives more, he gets still more. The chain becomes endless.

This should be rightly understood: that what you have is only truly yours when you are able to give it away. And as long as you are unable to give, know that you do not have it at all. As soon as you have something, sharing begins.

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