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Chapter 4: Eyes and Legs for the Journey

.Okay, now stop rubbing, and feel oneness with this light. There is light and light all round.become one with it. Now you are in an infinite ocean of light. Light.more light.more light. Feel oneness with it, dissolve in it, be one with it. Light.light.light.. And the very intensity of light becomes the triggering-point into bliss. Becoming one with the light, streams of bliss begin to flow.

Each heartbeat, your every breath, every fiber of you becomes filled with bliss.. Experience the bliss, experience it. There is bliss all around.there is bliss within and without.you have drowned in bliss.you have become one with bliss.. Bliss, bliss, bliss.. Every fiber has become filled with bliss.. Bliss.bliss.bliss..

The very intensity of bliss becomes the presence of the divine. Just by moving deeply into bliss, the experience of the divine is triggered. It is present all around, here and now.experience it.be one with bliss and the presence of the divine is triggered.

Experience it, the divine is present, all around is the divine, within and without is the divine. Feel it: the divine is present, all around. Only the divine is surrounding you. You have drowned in the ocean of its presence and have become one with it.

.Now again put your right hand palm on your forehead and rub it softly. Suddenly there is a revolution within, energy enters higher realms..

Now raise your both hands towards the sky, open your eyes, look into the sky and let the sky look into you. Now go on a faraway flight - a flight into the sky. Go far.go far. Look into the sky. Let the sky enter in you. Feel the sky, feel the sky and let the sky feel you..

Whatsoever feelings well up in your heart, you can express them for two minutes. Whatsoever bliss, whatsoever joy, whatsoever feelings there may be, you can express them. And don’t feel shy, express!

.Now put your both hands in a Namaskar gesture and put your head at the feet of the divine. The divine is present here. Put your head down, surrender yourself. Let there be only one feeling in the heart:

The compassion of the divine is infinite.

The compassion of the divine is infinite.

The compassion of the divine is infinite.

.Now come back from the meditation.now come back. Our morning meditation is over.