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Chapter 16: To Be Natural Is Beautiful

Your energy is really moving beautifully. This is going to be your new name. Dharma means the ultimate Law that sustains life - what in Chinese they call Tao; ananda means bliss. Dharmananda means bliss that comes if you live according to the Law. If you fall in tune with the ultimate Law, suddenly there is bliss. In fact all misery is because you are not in tune with the Law, you go astray from it. The further away you go, the more miserable you become. Hell means the furthest point from the Law, or existence, or nature - and the nearest point is heaven. To become one with the Law is to go beyond both heaven and hell. That’s what in India we call moksha - total freedom.

If you fall into the Law as a fish falls into the ocean and becomes part of it, then you are blissful. Dharmananda - remember the meaning because that is going to become your sadhana, your path. Become as natural as possible, as spontaneous as possible, and live moment to moment, mm? Very good!


A woman whose husband is a sannyasin answers Osho’s question of whether she has tried meditation.

Yes, and I like it.

We are living so minimally that it can be said to be almost nothing. Life can become a pinnacle of bliss, it can come to peaks of happiness.

In the Talmud it is said that when you face God again, he will not ask you what mistakes you have committed, he will ask you how many opportunities to be blissful you have missed. That is the only sin - to miss an opportunity to become blissful. Because unless you become so blissful that a natural gratitude arises in you, you will not know truth.

When you feel very very blissful, celebrating each moment of life, by and by you start feeling thankful - not towards anything in particular, just thankful towards the whole. That is what authentic truth is. You cannot believe in it unless you have come to a point where you can be prayerful. People ordinarily think that through prayer they come to God; ordinarily they think that if they pray they will understand God. But just by doing prayer nobody can understand.

Prayerfulness must happen, and that is possible only when your life has become so beautiful and so happy, that with each breath there is thankfulness. Said or unsaid, that is not the point. You may never mention the word god, you may never kneel down to pray - that is not the point. But with each breath you feel a deep gratefulness, you are grateful that you are - and the prayerfulness has started. This prayerfulness is not something to do, it is a way of being. Then you come to know the whole, and without knowing it, we live in vain.

There is much possibility as I can see. You can grow. You have a very simple, innocent, loving heart; it can take a jump immediately and then become a flame and flower(and be a sannyasin!

My one objection to becoming a sannyasin is wearing saffron-colored robes.

But first, as your husband is a sannyasin, it would be very helpful for both of you if you too were to take sannyas.

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