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Chapter 9: The Means Is the End

Is vairagya, nonattachment, a method, a means, an intermediate stage, or an end in itself?

It is all - because means and ends are not two things. The way and the goal are not two things. The way is just the beginning of the goal, and the goal is just the ending of the way. So please, don’t divide, and don’t think in terms of the means being different from the end. Means are the end. Once you can conceive of this, the quality of your effort will change immediately.

Ordinarily mind is always concerned with the end; means are used, exploited, to reach the end. If you could avoid the means you would like to avoid them; if you could achieve the end directly without any means, if you could reach the goal without the way, without the path, you would like to do so. You would like to reach the goal immediately. The mind divides ends and means; end is meaningful, means are just necessary, they have to be suffered.

This is how the ordinary mind functions, and because of this whatsoever you do becomes a suffering - because you have to pass through the path, you have to use means, methods, and therein is all suffering. Happiness is in the goal, somewhere in the future, not here and now. Here and now will be means and the end will be somewhere else, somewhere in the future, tomorrow - so today will always be a suffering.

And remember, if your today is a suffering your tomorrow cannot be a happiness, because it is born of today, it comes out of this moment. The future comes out of the present, so whatsoever the present the same will remain in the future. If you are suffering now you will suffer then also. If you are suffering here you will find the hell there also - because who will find that heaven which you think is there? You? Your whole attitude creates the suffering.

So those who are on the spiritual path must be aware of this tendency of the mind. Forget the end and look at the means as if they are the end, and enjoy them as if they are the goal. Then the very path becomes blissful, the very journey itself becomes blissful. Every step becomes blissful, because you are not waiting for the bliss, for the next step. And out of this blissful step the next is going to be born - it will be more blissful. The tomorrow will be more blissful if today is blissful, and the bliss will grow.

We are doing meditations. These meditations are means, but they are goals also; so don’t try to exploit them, otherwise you will be in a hurry, you will constantly think of how to be finished with them and reach the goal. Then you will never be able to be finished with them and the goal will always remain illusory, always like the horizon, always distant. And the more you move ahead, the goal will also move ahead in the same proportion.

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