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Chapter 3: The Navel: Seat of Will

On the body level, right-food should be healthy, non-stimulating and nonviolent; on the psychological level the mind should be in a blissful state, graceful and joyous; and on the level of the soul there should be a feeling of gratefulness, of thankfulness. These three things make food the right-food.

You should have a feeling that, “Because food is available to me today, I am grateful. I have been given one more day to live and I am tremendously grateful. This morning I have woken up alive again; today the sun has given its light to me again; today I will be able to see the moon again; I am alive again today! It was not necessary that I should have been alive today, to-day I could have been in my grave - but life has again been given to me. I have not earned it, it has been given to me for nothing.” For this at least, a feeling of thankfulness, of gratitude should be there in your heart. You are eating food, you are drinking water, you are breathing - you should have a sense of gratefulness for all this. Towards all of life, towards the whole world, towards the whole universe, towards all of nature, towards the divine, there should be a feeling of gratefulness: ”I have received one more day to live. Once more I have received food to eat. For one more day I am seeing the sun, seeing the flowers blossoming. I am alive again today.”

Two days before death came to Rabindranath he said, “Lord, how grateful I am! Oh God, how shall I express my gratitude? You gave this life to me when I was not in any way worthy of receiving it. You gave breathing to me when I had no right to breathe. You gave me experiences of beauty and bliss which I had not earned at all. I am grateful. I am overwhelmed by your grace. And if in this life that you have given I may have received any pain, any suffering, any worry, it must have been my fault, because this life of yours is very blissful. It must have been my fault. So I do not ask you to give me liberation from life. If you feel me worthy, then send me into this life again and again. This life of yours is very blissful and I am utterly grateful for it.”

This feeling, this feeling of gratitude should be present in all aspects of life - and very particularly concerning your diet. Only then can your diet become the right-diet.

The second point is: right-work. That too is no longer an essential part of your life. Physical work has become a shameful act.

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