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Chapter 3: Living with the Eternal

Devageet, it is very good not to be curious about unnecessary things, because one never knows..

I really enjoy meditation and am absolutely contented with my life. But now it has been so long since I had any great passion or great joy or great pain that I am wondering if I have become dull and stuck, or if this is the way things are supposed to be.

It is part of this great pilgrimage. The moment you become contented, in the beginning it feels like the journey is over and you are tremendously blissful. But as time passes, contentment settles down. You are peaceful, you are happy, you are at ease, but an old habit of millions of lives starts raising its head: there seems to be no excitement. Have you become dull or have you died? This is just an old habit and it has to be understood.

Excitement is for those who are miserable. Without excitement they cannot live; their misery will be too heavy. A little excitement in their lives, a new love affair, getting a lottery opened in their name - these small things keep them going. These excitements function like lubrications and they go on in their miserable lives hoping another excitement may be coming. And what are your excitements? Moving into a new house and you are excited? Purchasing a new car and you are excited?

I have heard about a man who was tired of his beautiful house. Finally, everything becomes tiring, boring. The house was beautiful and just behind the house was a beautiful lake and beyond the lake the mountains and the forest - but the same scene every day, morning, afternoon, evening.. There was no excitement.

He called a real estate agent and told him that he wanted to sell this boring house. The real estate man was completely puzzled. He had never in his life seen such a beautiful house with such peaceful surroundings. It was almost paradise. So he said, “I will advertise it and it will be sold, there is no problem.” And he advertised it in the newspapers.

The next day the man read the advertisement and he was so excited: a beautiful marble house surrounded by a lake - and just beyond the lake a primeval forest, thick, with trees so high as if they are trying to touch the stars. The description was so poetic, and of course there was no mention of his name or his address, only the phone number of the real estate man.

He immediately phoned and said, “Whatever the price, I want to purchase this house.”

The real estate man said, “This is too difficult a problem. This is your house!”

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