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Chapter 14: Suffering: Broken Harmony

God, the God dimension, the divine dimension, has lost its hold because so many neurotic people, so many diseased people, became interested in religion. They always become interested, they always do, because all those who are frustrated become interested. They take their frustration as their interest with the divine. Their interest is negative. They are diseased within, so when they become interested in the divine, they become the wrong kind of witnesses. They are not blissful, they are not happy. They are sad images of sorrow. They close the gate rather than opening it.

This gate of the divine can be open only if those who are concerned with it become so blissful, so happy, so dancing. Only a dancing God can replace Nietzsche’s verdict that God is dead, only a dancing God can contradict Nietzsche’s statement that God is dead, because only a dancing God can prove that godliness is living.

So be a witness to it. Don’t think of others’ suffering. Transcend your suffering and then you will be a help to others. Don’t think of serving others. Serve yourself first, transcend your suffering. Then you will be a servant to all, and you do something which means something, which is significant. Don’t be a sad servant. Don’t make it a duty. That will just strengthen your ego. Servants have great egos, and they create so much mischief in the world. “Servants of the people” - they are the most mischievous element.

Become a door yourself. Transcend your suffering, mutate it. And don’t take religion seriously. It has done very fatal harm. Be playful. Saints of the future must not be old shadow images, images of sorrow. Be blissful, laughing, playful - only then can the door be opened.

If you can create a magnetic atmosphere of bliss around you, only then can you ttract those who have fallen victims of atheism, who have fallen victims of so much nonsensical, but so-called scientific, philosophy. Transcend yourself, and you will transcend it. First be aware of it, then live with it. Don’t escape. If there is suffering, live with it.

And this is a miracle law, that if you can live with any suffering you will transcend it. Don’t escape, don’t run, don’t hide. Face it, encounter it, live with it. It is there. Take it as a fact, live with it. It is difficult, it is going to be arduous, but when you come to transcend it, then you know that you have found it without paying anything. It seems arduous in the process, but in the end, when there is the realization of the bliss, you have not paid anything at all.

Don’t think of others’ suffering. Transcend yours and use it. It is a great energy. When you get it, it will become bliss. Then take life as a play. Take life as a play; go on playing it. Only in a play you can be egoless. Only in a play you are not. You can be absent, you are not needed.

When you are absent, only then you become related to the cosmic. And to be related with the cosmic is the only ecstasy.

Enough for today.