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Chapter 23: Cities Have Made the Human Being Inhuman

If the cities disappear into villages, much of the pollution will also disappear. The cities are almost like a canceric growth, that goes on growing bigger and bigger. The people in power cannot do anything because their power needs money - not love, not blissfulness, not joy - just money.

And your so-called wise people are nothing but politicians in another garb of religious heads; their whole interest is also in power. It is a different kind of power, more subtle, but all the same it is power. They would not like the cities to disappear.

Their power depends on the boredom of man, his loveless life, his meaningless life, his anguish, because these are the things which bring people to their feet - to the churches, to the temples, to the synagogues. They may say great things, but basically they don’t want these things to disappear. If these things completely disappeared, churches would be empty and nobody would go to the synagogue - there is no reason to go.you go to the physician because you are sick.

There is a certain vested interest that the physician has in your sickness. I have heard of a young man who had just come home from medical college. His father was not feeling well. He said, “I would like to rest for a few days. And now you are back fully qualified.I am proud of you, that you topped the university - now you take care of the dispensary.”

After three days the son came and told the father, “You must be proud of me! That old woman - the richest in the city, whom you have been treating for thirty years - I have treated her in three days. Now she is perfectly okay.”

The father said “My God! She is the woman who has paid all your fees and all your expenses at medical college. She is also paying the expenses of your younger brother in college. You have destroyed half of my business!

“You idiot, don’t you know that when a poor man comes you should cure him immediately, because he is going to be an unnecessary harassment. When a rich man comes, take time - there is no hurry. If one illness disappears, let another appear. A really rich man should be a lifelong patient. This is a basic rule of the profession. You have learned medicine, but you have not learned the medical profession.”

The priest has a vested interest in man’s misery.

And it is really unbelievable, but it is the truth: the magistrate has a vested interest in criminals, the advocates have a vested interest in criminals. They are supposed to do justice, they are supposed to be fair; but basically their profession is based on these poor people. If everybody is a nice, good gentleman and there is no criminal anywhere, what are all your magistrates, all your jailers, all your advocates, and all your legal professionals going to do? They will have to commit suicide - their whole profession will be gone.

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