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Chapter 4: LSD: A Shortcut to False Samadhi

LSD is a chemical way of dreaming; it is not a natural way. Through LSD you can see things that you have not known, realize things that you have never realized. But all these realizations are only apparent realizations; they are not real. They are beautiful, they have their own charm, just like a nice dream.

But LSD can project a nightmare also. It depends on you, not the LSD. If your mind is tortured, fragmented, and many untoward images are suppressed in it, that is what will be projected. There are persons who have seen hell on an LSD trip, there are persons who have seen demons. It depends on the person. All that a chemical drug can do is to project whatever is there to be projected.

Do not mistake your experiences on LSD for samadhi. And do not cling to such experiences or they will be an obstacle to meditation. You have felt so much through LSD dreams that when you enter into a real state of meditation it will seem faint in comparison. The experience of meditation is not so vital, you will not feel such a great upsurge of energy. This will then create a mood of depression because you will feel that something is being lost - that you have known something and this something is not coming to you through meditation. Then the mind will say, “LSD is better.” And if you go on taking LSD, your mind will become less and less meditative, and meditation and its experiences will go on becoming fainter and fainter.

So don’t take LSD again. It may have been just an experiment, but it has made an impact on your mind. That impact is dangerous because you will always be comparing: real meditation will seem unreal to you because the unreal has appeared to you as authentic.

Then, too, your comparison can never be accurate, because you cannot remember exactly what you have seen on your LSD trip once you are out of it just as you cannot remember a dream exactly, once you have awakened. Now you imagine the dream again - you add much to it. In the same way, when you are no longer under the influence of the LSD, you cannot remember it exactly as it was; there will only be a faint feeling of blissfulness. Now you will imagine the whole experience again, but this will not be exactly the experience that you had. It can never be. You have a feeling that you have seen something, that you have known something. That feeling is illusory.

A certain blissfulness can be revealed to you through the use of a chemical drug. Because of the drug you are totally relaxed; your tensions, at that moment, are withdrawn. It is not that they no longer exist - they are waiting to come back to you - but they are not in focus, so you relax totally. The revelation of bliss which comes when you are absolutely non-tense is so great that you will continue to experience a blissful feeling afterward as a hangover. In this bliss, you will imagine again what you have seen, what you have known, but now ninety percent of it will be imagination.

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