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Chapter 7: Time Is Very Short but My Methods Are Very Quick

And don’t ask me how can we raise.? Nobody can do it for somebody else; you can only do it for yourself.

This is the fundamental of spiritual surgery: you can only be successful on yourself.

Howsoever painful it is.but there is no other way. Yes, it pays tremendously if you can pass through the test.

If you can pass through the pain, if you can pass through all the misery, the suffering that you have repressed will rise again. It is like entering a house which nobody has entered for years. You will raise so much dust - and that dust is not simple dust, it covers your wounds. It has helped you to forget yourself. It has made you unconscious of yourself. It is not like taking off your clothes, it is more like peeling off your skin.

But once you succeed, then all the pain seems to be just nothing, because the bliss that descends on you is incomparable; the pain that you suffered looks so tiny and so meaningless. But that is in the end.

Gautam the Buddha used to say, “My path in the beginning is tremendous pain; in the end, tremendous blissfulness. But patience is needed.”

I told you, in this surgery you are the patient and you are the surgeon both. Remember the English word patient comes from patience. It is significant. Why is the sick person called a patient? He has to be patient, he has to wait. But when you are the patient yourself and also the surgeon, the difficulty is multiplied. But still it is nothing compared to the bliss.

All that you can do is to pass through this suffering, to pass through this dark night of the soul.

Reach to the dawn of your being.

Blossom. Let your blissfulness explode.

Perhaps somebody’s sleeping soul may be triggered. Somebody’s sleeping consciousness may have a shock and wake up.

But these are only “perhaps.” One cannot be certain in these matters. The matters are so subtle you cannot be certain.

Hope for the best.

And wait for the worst.

And time certainly is short.