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Chapter 10: We Disown Our Past

Are idiots born or trained?

It is a complicated question. Almost ninety percent of idiots are trained. Ten percent are born. And the ten percent are born because of those ninety percent who have been trained.

Man from his very beginning has lived a very weird life - weird in the sense that it needs idiots. If you don’t have idiots you will not have wise men; if you don’t have the idiots, you will not have the so-called giants of intellect. It is almost a necessity that the category of idiots should remain.

Nobody has looked into the deeper layers of how the society has functioned up to now. But the way it has functioned can only be described as utterly criminal. The society needs categories, hierarchies. It has been up to now a competitive society, and the very idea of competition is dangerous to human beings. You call one man an idiot only in comparison - in comparison to someone who seems to be intelligent.

A small boy told me - I was a guest in his house; I was sitting in the garden in the evening and he was the only child of the family. He was not more than six years old. I asked him, “What is your name?”

He said, “As far as my name is concerned, up to now I used to think that my name was ‘Don’t!’ Now I have started going to school, and there I discovered that that is not my name.”

He is saying something tremendously important. Whatever a child is doing, the adults are there to say, “Don’t do it!” Nobody is allowed to blossom according to his own intrinsic nature. And that is the fundamental cause of creating so many idiots in the world. But they are serving a certain purpose. If people were allowed to blossom according to their nature, without any comparison and without any ideals and without enforced discipline, do you think anybody in the whole world would have accepted Adolf Hitler as a leader? Just look at your leaders..

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