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Chapter 9: The Golden Alchemy

How shall I please you, Lord,
By what name shall I call you?
When the wave of your compassion washes over me,
I will have found my shelter.

The river of this phenomenal existence is fearsome,
So how to cross it?
O my Lord, hear me again and again,
This is forever my request.

You are the ruler of the three worlds,
And my body is a captive of these thieves.
Hear the entreaty of Daya,
Your servant, your humble subject.

I have no ascetic disciplines, no spiritual practices,
Have undertaken no pilgrimages, no vows, no charity.
Like an innocent child who relies on his mother,
I depend wholly on you.

The child may make a million mistakes,
Yet his mother will never abandon him.
Taking him in her lap, she fondles and nurtures him,
Doubling her love for him as each day passes.

Peace comes to the chakvi bird
As blissfully it feeds on the first rays of the sun.
Daya is your slave, O Krishna, O Moon of Braj,
Never leave her sight for even one moment.

You have become my refrain,
Like the moon’s rays are for the staring chakor bird.
I have no one else to quarrel with
But you, O Mohan, O youthful son of Nanda.

The glory of your name is infinite,
As even a tiny spark of fire
Burns the greatest forest.

Where I am,
The morning is a reddish dark
And night is fair-complexioned.
Where I am,
Sunshine’s feet stumble
And there is only rain.
Where I am,
Every fragrant flower is imprisoned
And only steel roams free.
Where I am,
There is endless mud, there is moss,
But there is no lotus.
Where I am,
People hesitate to open up
And love is unknown.
Where I am,
All avert their eyes from their mirrors
And everything is a lie.
Where I am,
No inner song comes to wrinkled lips,
Where I am.

This is the condition of man: the false is true, and the futile is meaningful. Where lotuses were meant to blossom there is nothing but mud and moss. Such is the state of man. Living in darkness, we have accepted darkness as light. After all, man needs some consolation if he is to live. If you accept darkness as darkness, you will be restless. If you believe that darkness is light, the darkness does not become light because of this, but your mind finds some peace.

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