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Chapter 5: You Have to Go Nowhere

I have been with masters, and I have loved them. But to me the very desire to be like them is ugly. One man is enough; a second like him will not enrich existence, it will only burden it.

To me, uniqueness of individuals is the greatest truth.

Love people when you find in them some dimension true and authentic, blossoming. But remember, they are blossoming because of their authenticity and originality; so remember, be mindful not to fall in the trap of following them. Be yourself.

The famous maxim from Socrates is: “Know thyself.” But it should be completed - it is incomplete. Before “Know thyself” another maxim is needed, “Be thyself”; otherwise you may know only some actor that you are pretending to be. Knowing thyself comes second; first is being thyself.

The real, great masters have been only friends, a helping hand, fingers pointing to the moon; they have never created a slavery. But the moment they died they left such a great impact around them that cunning people - theologians, priests, scholars - started preaching to people, “Follow Gautam Buddha.”

Now the man is dead and he cannot deny anything.and these people started exploiting the great impact that Buddha had left. Now the whole of Asia, millions of people, have followed in the steps of Gautam Buddha for twenty-five centuries, but not a single Gautam Buddha has been created. It is enough proof: two thousand years and not a single Jesus again; three thousand years, not a single Moses again.

Existence never repeats. History repeats itself because history belongs to the unconscious mob. Existence never repeats itself. It is very creative and very inventive. And it is good; otherwise, although Gautam Buddha is a beautiful man, if there are thousands of Gautam Buddhas around - if wherever you go you meet Gautam Buddha, in every restaurant! - you will be really bored and tired. It will destroy the whole beauty of the man. It is good that existence never repeats. It only creates one of a kind, so it remains always rare.

You are also one of a kind. You just have to blossom, to open your petals and release your fragrance.

I have heard it said that some sannyasin therapists now imagine that they are on the same plane as you are, doing the same kind of work - if perhaps on a somewhat smaller scale. They no longer even mention your name, and appear to have discarded the mala and red clothes entirely. Have they achieved - or what is really going on with your therapists?

What is going on is hilarious.

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