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Chapter 7: Life Is Not a Dictionary

And I want the whole world to know that if people are harassed because they are coming to Pune, then no tourist should come to India. Then let them suffer the whole loss, and stop your Department of Tourism - and the whole ministry is meaningless.because they are doing contradictory things. On the one hand, they invite people to see relics of Ajanta and Ellora; now they are advertising in Japan - very heavily - for the Buddhists to come to Bodhgaya where Buddha became enlightened. But they are preventing people from coming here where Buddha is still alive! Not only alive - but he is ready to impart the same consciousness to anybody who is receptive. Bodhgaya can have no meaning at all, it is just a graveyard.

I want my sannyasins to be aware: don’t be in any way defensive in Indian embassies. Make them aware: “Your government is inviting us - all these posters and advertisements on the television, on the radio, in newspapers - and who are you to prevent us?”

Hundreds of people have been sent back from Indian airports, just on the suspicion that they must be my sannyasins. Perhaps many may not have even known my name. A few sannyasins who have come have had to deny that they know me at all. “Do you want us to know something about Osho before we can enter India?” They have to give a promise that they are not going to see Osho. What kind of fear.? The fear of truth; because politics is the profession of lying, just as priesthood is.

We have to fight around the world against all kinds of priests and all kinds of politicians. It is a question of the very survival of freedom on the earth.

Maneesha has asked:

When Ganto took leave of Tokusan, Tokusan said, “Where are you going?”
Ganto said, “For now I am taking leave of you, master, and going down the mountain.”
Tokusan said, “After that, then what?”
Ganto said, “I won’t forget you, master.”
“By virtue of what do you say this?” inquired Tokusan.
Ganto said, “Haven’t you heard that when a monk’s knowledge is equal to his teacher’s he has less than half his teacher’s virtue; when his knowledge surpasses the teacher’s only then is he qualified for the transmission?”
Tokusan said, “So it is, so it is. Guard it well on your own.”

In the translation, the most significant part is always lost. Tokusan is a great master. Ganto was a student, not even a disciple, because a disciple never takes leave of the master. A disciple becomes almost a part of the very being of the master. There arises an invisible connection between the two hearts. They dance together.

But Ganto must have been just a student, collecting knowledge from this master, from that master. He was not even aware of the distinction between the teacher and the master, nor about the distinction between the disciple and the student. A student is concerned with knowledge, a disciple is concerned with being; he just wants to be at the highest peak of his own potentiality. He does not want to carry scriptures unnecessarily on his back, he wants the lotus to blossom within his own being. A disciple is not a student. A disciple is a lover. The student is only collecting knowledge.

Naturally he has heard Ganto..

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