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Chapter 8: Only a Ripe Fruit Falls

Small children don’t know anything, and they are very receptive. So when the whole society teaches this, they become hypnotized by it. But they cannot do anything - the semen flows when the body is ready, the semen is bound to go out. This teaching is all around them; they cannot tell anybody that they are losing semen. They hide it. They suffer inside, they go through a constant torture. And then they think they are the exceptions, because they can’t know that everybody else is going through the same thing, because nobody talks about it, nobody speaks about it. And whosoever talks about it, talks against it. So every boy thinks that he is the exception, that only he is going through this. Soon he will start feeling dizzy. Soon he will feel that his intelligence is waning. Soon he will start feeling that he is going crazy, that his life is wasted.

Many people go on writing letters to me saying that their lives are wasted because they have lost so much semen, they have lost so much sex energy. But the idea is very dangerous, and if the idea is there, the thing will happen. It happens through hypnosis.

Any idea can become a help or a hindrance. It is difficult to live with the no-idea. So before you can reach to a mind which is thoughtless, when everything becomes available spontaneously - before that, it is better to have this idea in the mind - that you are part of an infinite energy, and by doing you are gaining, not losing. By giving you are attaining, not losing.

Love, sex, activity, whatsoever - always remember and be filled with the idea that whenever you give something, from the roots more becomes available to you, more is given to you. Existence itself is the giver, the unconditional giver.

If you are also a giver, your hands will always be empty and existence can give you more. If you are a miser, your relationship with the divine is cut. Then you live as a small wave, always afraid of losing.

Live as the ocean. Be oceanic! Never think of losing, about anything. Nothing is lost, nothing can be lost. And you are not an individual, you only appear as an individual. The whole is joined to you; you are just a face of the whole, just a way the whole has happened. Don’t be worried about it. It is never going to end. This existence is beginningless and endless.

Enjoy, celebrate, be active, and always be a giver. To be a giver so totally that you never think of retaining or holding anything is the only real prayer. To give is be prayerful. To give is to love. And those who can give, they are always given more.