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Chapter 18: Terrorism Is in Your Unconsciousness

You could expect anything whatsoever..he was not a man of etiquette, manner; he was not part of Wu’s court, so Wu had to look intently, intensively. As he looked, he became relaxed, because it was nowhere. And in looking for it, all other thoughts disappeared. The search was so intense that his whole energy was involved in it; there was nothing left to think and desire, and this and that.

As the sun was rising, Bodhidharma saw Wu’s face; he was not the same man - such silence, such depth. He had disappeared. Bodhidharma shook him and told him, “Open your eyes - it is not there. I don’t have to kill it. I am a nonviolent man, I don’t kill anything! But this self does not exist. Because you never look at it, it goes on existing. It is in your not looking for it, in your unawareness, that it exists. Now it is gone.”

Two hours had passed, and Wu was immensely glad. He had never tasted such sweetness, such freshness, such newness, such beauty. And he was not.

Bodhidharma had fulfilled his promise. Emperor Wu bowed down, touched his feet and said, “Please forgive me thinking that you are mad, thinking that you don’t know manners, thinking that you are weird, thinking that you can be dangerous. I have never seen a more compassionate man than you.I am totally fulfilled. Now there is no question in me.”

When Emperor Wu was dying, he said that on his grave, the memorial, a statement about Bodhidharma should be engraved in gold for the centuries to know: “There was a man who looked mad, but who was capable of doing miracles. Without doing anything he helped me to be a non-self. And since then everything has changed. Everything is the same, but I am not the same, and life has become just a pure song of silence.”