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Chapter 1: The Heart of Knowing Is Now

For thirty years he has been teaching the same thing, again and again and again; and in thirty years’ time, millions of books have been published.

You know how to approach a teacher, you know how to approach a book, you know how to approach dead information, but you don’t know how to approach a master. It is a totally different way of communing. It is not communication, it is communion - because the master is not a proof but an evidence. He is not an argument for God, he is a witness for God. He does not possess great knowledge about God, he knows. He is not knowledgeable, he simply knows.

Remember, to know about is worthless. The word “about” means around. To “know” about something means to go on moving in circles, around and around. The word “about” is beautiful. Whenever you read “about,” read “around.” When somebody says, “I know about God,” read: he knows around God. He goes in a circle. And real knowing is never about, never around; it is direct, it is a straight line.

Jesus says: “Straight is the path..” It does not go in circles; it is a jump from the periphery to the center. The master is an evidence of that jump, that quantum leap, that transformation.

You have to approach the master with great love, with great trust, with an open heart. You are not aware who you are. He is aware who he is, he is aware who you are. The caterpillar might be said to be unaware that it may become a butterfly. You are caterpillars - Bodhisattvas. All caterpillars are Bodhisattvas and all Bodhisattvas are caterpillars. A Bodhisattva means one who can become a butterfly, who can become a buddha, who is a buddha in the seed, in essence. But how can the caterpillar be aware that he can become a butterfly? The only way is to commune with butterflies, to see butterflies moving in the wind, in the sun. Seeing them soaring high, seeing them moving from one flower to another flower, seeing their beauty, their color, maybe a deep desire, a longing arises in the caterpillar: “Can I also be the same?” In that very moment the caterpillar has started awakening, a process has been triggered.

The master/disciple relationship is the relationship between a caterpillar and a butterfly, a friendship between a caterpillar and a butterfly. The butterfly cannot prove that the caterpillar can become a butterfly; there is no logical way. But the butterfly can provoke a longing in the caterpillar - that is possible.

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