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Chapter 17: Yes Is Your Soul

So pray that the longer I live in the body, the better for you. And if you become so accustomed to my presence, so deeply accustomed.. My life source is eternal, just as your life source is. Body or no body, I will be here. I have been here always.

Those who are open to me, and that opening means those who will still be ready to say yes to me, will be able to be blessed far more in the silence of my bodiless presence than they are benefited while I am in the body. But to say that it was a good opportunity for you to become accustomed to my absence means that somewhere deep down the no is floating.

The relationship between the master and the disciple is not an ordinary relationship. There is no other relationship that can be compared to it. Even love falls far below. Even in love you remain two: struggling, fighting, trying to dominate each other. Only in the relationship between master and disciple you are no longer two. There is no fight, no struggle.

The master is already an absolute yes. Slowly, slowly you also become an absolute yes. Only then is the meeting, the merger, the dewdrop slipping into the ocean.

Tarshita, if you are too much afraid, stuck, there is every possibility you will always remain thirsty - because when you come close to the water you become afraid.

The water is not going to come to you.

An old farmer went to the circus for the first time. Before he went into the big tent he saw a camel in a cage and stopped in amazement to look at it. He had never seen such wobbly legs, such dozy eyes, such floppy lips and such a huge hump for a back.

Soon everyone was inside the tent and the circus began, but the old man was still staring in disbelief at the camel. Finally, after about half an hour, he turned away in disgust, “Darn it!” he cried, “there ain’t no such animal.”

He tried hard to figure out how such an animal is possible. Now the only way is to deny it, to get unburdened - otherwise that camel will trouble him.

If you become afraid of the ocean, of the very isness of life, the only way to be away from it is to say, “It was just a hallucination, an illusion, a dream. It was not a reality.” You can protect your small ego, but that is the cause of all your troubles.

You have to be very watchful about your ego, because the language of the ego is “no” and the language of your being is “yes.” The language of the ego is doubt and the language of the being is trust. And only from trust can you grow into satyam shivam sundaram - into the ultimate truth, into the ultimate godliness, into ultimate beauty.

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