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Chapter 25: This Constant Hammering Within

I say “God” - the word travels toward you, you hear the word God. But what was my meaning? My meaning remains with me. The word comes to you, the container without the content - vacant - and you fill the container, you give meaning to it. That meaning will be yours, not mine. There is no way to convey the truth through words. Only misunderstanding can be conveyed. Language is basically a distortion. Nothing can be done about it, it is so.

But there are methods in which direct communication is possible. When you are staring at me, a moment is possible when your eyes have become fixed, unblinking, and you are sucking in consciousness. The flow of consciousness is wider, more vital. Then I can convey something directly through that current. Mind will not be involved: the communication will go directly to you, there will be no interpretation. Those waves of consciousness can be used as a vehicle. Then you are receiving - through staring eyes.

I ask you to go on jumping. Why? - for a particular reason. When you jump, your energy moves quickly within. When you are jumping your energy is in movement, it circulates more. Life energy circulates just like blood, it is a subtle circulation.

If you have heard about Chinese acupuncture you will be able to understand it more easily. They say that vital energy flows in the body, and there are points in the body, eight hundred points, where that energy can be contacted. When you are ill, a particular contact point in the body has become nonfunctioning: it is not in contact with the universal energy. The contact has to be restructured, the contact has to be renewed. Just pushing or stroking or massaging or inserting pins will hammer that small point of energy to make it alive, and a particular disease will disappear.

According to acupuncture, a disease comes because you are not in contact with the universal energy around you: the contact is missing. Just as blood circulates in your body, subtle energy, your vitality, circulates. I ask you to jump. In that jumping, the energy is circulating more, just as blood begins to circulate more. In that jumping, every cell of your body becomes more alive. Your eight hundred points of contact with the universal energy are more alive and vital, more receptive, more open. Then, even without your eyes, I can contact your other centers. Then, even with a blind man, communication is possible. But eyes are the focal points, no other energy is so great, so big. So use your eyes, but also use the whole circuit of your body energy to make it more alive.

Then I ask you to go on loudly repeating the mantra hoo. This is to hit your sex center from within, because the sex center is the source of all energies. If the source is not hit, nothing great is possible; no transformation is possible.

So three things. One: with staring eyes, you will be sucking in consciousness, and I can communicate through that sucking. Secondly: by jumping, the life energies begin to circulate more, and you will be in deep contact with the universal force. I can communicate through that also. And thirdly: your sex center is hit by the mantra hoo. The sex center is the most vital energy point, the source of all energies. With that hitting, the sex center opens within.

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