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Chapter 1: Meditation Is the Greatest Charity

It has been found that people who eat too much live only half the normal life span. If they were going to live for seventy years, they will die when they are only thirty-five. But people who eat less live longer than is normal. The norm may be seventy - they may live one hundred years. You don’t understand a simple thing: that whatever you eat, your body has to digest.it is a great labor for your whole digestive system; and if the digestive system becomes tired, you are going to die soon; and if your digestive system remains untired and young and fresh, of course you can live longer.

And there are people who are living longer. In the Caucasus, there are thousands of people who have passed one hundred and fifty years of age, and there are a few hundred people who have reached almost one hundred and eighty years. And they are still young; they are still working in the fields. Scientists say that looking at the mechanism of the body, everybody should easily be able to live for three hundred years; but so many diseases go on destroying the possibility.

People are eating things not for nourishment; people are eating things only for taste. People are not eating things in proportion; they may be eating something which is not needed in the body and they may not be eating something which is absolutely needed. For example, vegetarians are missing certain vitamins which are absolutely necessary for intelligence and its growth. It is not a surprise that not a single vegetarian has ever won a Nobel prize. In fact, they should have won more than anybody else, because they eat the purest food. But the problem is that their intelligence never grows; it needs certain vitamins which are missing. Substitutions can be found; without eating meat, substitutions can be found.

I have been telling the vegetarians, “Just by eating unfertilized eggs, you are in a far better position than meat eaters; and the unfertilized egg is just vegetable, there is no life in it.”

They have been getting angry with me, saying, “You are teaching people to eat eggs.”

I said, “You don’t understand. I am saying unfertilized eggs” - but they don’t hear the word unfertilized. Just the word eggs is enough to freak them out.

Right food.. Humanity is almost mature; it should not live on lollipops. But there are people.I have seen even old people with lollipops! People are filling themselves with ice cream and all kinds of nonsense, junk.

Real charity consists in making people more educated about how to take care of their bodies, how to be more loving towards their own bodies. Medical relief should be a secondary thing.

Because of this Catholic concept of charity, even the Indian constitution has accepted the idea of charity in the exact same words: “Relief for the poor, education, and medical relief.” It is even more shocking that the people who made the Indian constitution are not aware of their own Eastern tradition, of their own heritage. They have not put in it anything which is their own; otherwise, how have they forgotten meditation?

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