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Chapter 12: Silence Is the Prayer

Psychologists say the Don Juans like Byron and others, who go on changing their love objects every day.. It is reported that Byron loved sixty women in his life, and his life was very short. And these are the known cases; no one knows how many really. He was expelled from society because everyone became afraid. And he was such a beautiful person, but why this madness?

One may think that he was a great lover. That is not the case. He was not a lover at all; psychologists say he was not a lover at all. He was a maniac, just a perverted mind. He couldn’t complete any love. And before any love could be consummated, completed, he had started another.

It is reported that he was forced to marry a girl. Of course, he was forced because he was not ready. How could he marry? - because the next day he would be running after another woman. When he was forced and he was coming out of the church - the bells were ringing and the guests were still there - he was coming down the steps with his wife’s hand in his hand, suddenly he stopped, left the hand. A woman was crossing the street. His eyes followed the woman and he said - he was an honest man in a way - he said to his wife, “Now you don’t mean anything to me. That woman has become everything to me.”

He suffered, because love is a growth. Love is a long growth. It grows. And the more it grows, the deeper it goes. Butterfly minds cannot grow in love. That is impossible because the love never grows roots. Before the love can grow roots, they have moved. This type of mind will suffer, because he cannot love and he cannot get love. Nothing is ever completed, nothing becomes ripe ever. Then the whole life will just be wounds, incomplete wounds. And this happens in everything.

You have never loved, you have never been angry, you have never acted spontaneously. You have not really eaten, you have not slept totally. You have not done anything with your total being in it, total involvement. You have always been doing something else also.

Bokuju was asked, “What is your sadhana? What are you doing here in this lonely forest? What are you doing?”

Bokuju said, “I have no sadhana, I have no method. When I feel hungry, I go to beg. When I don’t feel hungry, I fast. When I feel that the hut has become cold, I move out into the sun. When the sun is too much to bear, I move in the shadows of the trees. But wherever I am, I am total. When I feel sleepy, I drop down into sleep. This is all I am doing here.”

The man said, “But this is nothing. Everyone is doing the same!”

Bokuju said, “If everyone is doing the same, the world will be quite a different place - silent, peaceful, loving. Then there will be no need to ask for liberation. This very world will be moksha.”

No one is doing that! Bokuju’s answer seems simple - it is not. It is very arduous, very difficult, just to sleep and not dream, because dreaming means an incomplete day is now being completed in the dream. Whatsoever you have left incomplete in the day will be completed in the dream.

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