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Chapter 10: Just a Small Coin

Go and see a rose, and by the evening the petals are fluttering down towards the earth, going to rest. They lived their day. They enjoyed, they enjoyed the strong wind, they took the challenge, they rose high to the sky. They have spread their fragrance to the four winds - the winds have taken it already to the corners of the earth. They loved the sun, they played with it a little while. Their day is over. Now they don’t cling. Now they don’t hesitate to fall. They are ready.

A beautiful life creates a beautiful death, because death is nothing but the whole life condensed again in a seed.

Now the petals are falling. Evening has come. The sun has set, the night will take over. The death has come, the petals are falling towards the earth. They don’t hesitate. They don’t know where they are going, they don’t know whether there is any earth down there or not - maybe it is a bottomless abyss - but they don’t doubt, they don’t hesitate.

When you have lived your life, trust arises. It arises - it is an afterglow of a lived life.

Petals falling, fluttering down towards the earth. Simply trust - do not the petals flutter down just like that? And everything - God, moksha, nirvana - everything, I say to you, becomes possible.

Just trust. Just like that.

Enough for today.