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Chapter 2: Choice and Choicelessness

In the beginning you say: “I know nothing.” Do you think something more is needed to explain it? It is completely explanatory in itself. Nothing more is needed, nothing more is to be added to make it more clear. In fact whatsoever you add will make it more murky and puzzled. I know nothing is so simple. But no, you know well that this is just a trick. You know that you are playing a game of ignorance to appear wise because you have heard that people who are wise say that they don’t know anything at all. You are being clever. This cleverness will kill you, this cleverness is not going to help.

If you know nothing you know nothing. And if you know nothing and you can remain with your ignorance you will feel my presence, because when someone is ignorant, that someone is vast, infinite. Ignorance has no boundaries, only knowledge has boundaries, only knowledge has limitations. Ignorance has no limitations, ignorance is infinite. Knowledge is closed, ignorance is an opening, an infinite opening. Knowledge is noisy, ignorance is silent - there is nothing to be noisy about, there is nothing to fuss about. One is ignorant - finished!

One is ignorant. Then your words that follow cannot follow; they simply cannot exist with ignorance. No, you are trying to be wise. You say: “I don’t even know what to ask. What question is there?” From where are these words coming ( out of your ignorance? “And what words can answer the problems of a sleeping soul.” You already know everything: you are a sleeping soul; no words can answer your questions. “.when the only answer is already so pronounced.” You have also already heard the answer and you know the answer: “Be awake, be total.”

“It is your presence that my question seeks - not your response.” If you are ignorant there is no need to seek my presence, it is already there. In your infinite ignorance, without boundaries, you meet me, you meet the whole, you meet God, you meet Tao.

You have not known the beauty of ignorance, no. You are trying to pretend to be ignorant but your knowledge won’t allow you. It comes in between, it is always there surrounding you. Even if you say that you are ignorant you will make that ignorance appear very knowledgeable, you will decorate that ignorance with knowledge. Ignorance is naked, nude, you cannot decorate it; only knowledge is decorated, polished. Knowledge is like a whore, always in the market, for sale. Ignorance? Who will purchase ignorance? To whom can you sell it? Nobody needs it, in fact everybody has already got it within him. There is no need to decorate it. It is like night: dark, silent, not even a single movement. Words cannot exist with ignorance. So whatsoever you say in the first part you destroy in the latter part, and by the end of your question you have destroyed it completely.

Don’t play the game with yourself because nobody else is going to be deceived by it except yourself.

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