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Chapter 6: Rising in Love

In the new commune it will be good to have small communities, separate communities, of Italians, Polacks, of Germans.. There will be a few difficulties.

Gayan wrote to me this morning saying, “Osho, you may not be aware, but now I have to tell you that I am half Italian - the fault was my father’s, he was Italian - and half German; that fault is my mother’s, she was German.”

There will be some difficulty for people like Gayan, but we can make arrangements: they can live on the boundary line, half in the Italian commune and half in the German commune. And I don’t think there will be people who are German and Italian and Polack, all three; that will be difficult, very difficult.

Miss Zabriski walked into a physician’s office and said, “I would like to get a vassilation.”

“Miss,” said the MD, “I think what you are talking about is a vaccination.”

“Yeah,” said the Polish girl, “and I don’t want you to give it to me on my arm because I wear a sleepless nightgown.”

“You mean sleeveless nightgown?”

“And I don’t want it on my thigh because I have a zucchini bathing suit.”

“You mean bikini?”

“And I don’t want you to vaccinate me on my Virginia.”

“You mean vagina?”

“Alright,” shouted the girl. “Virginia, vagina, just as long as I don’t get small cox!”

Enough for today.