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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

It is rarely taken note of that our whole society is dominated by verbally articulate people. They may not know anything; they may not be wise, they may not even be intelligent. But one thing is certain: they know how to play with words. It is a game, and they have learned it. And it pays in respectability, in money, in power - in every way. So everybody tries, and the mind becomes filled with many words, many thoughts.

And you can turn any computer on or off, but you cannot turn the mind off. The switch does not exist. There is no reference about it, that when God made the world, when he made man, he made a switch for the mind so that you could turn it on or turn it off. There is no switch, so from birth to death it continues.

You will be surprised that the people who understand computers and who understand the human brain have a very strange idea. If we take out the brain from the skull of a human being and keep it alive mechanically, it goes on chattering in the same way. It does not matter to it that it is now no longer connected to the poor person who was suffering from it; it still dreams. Now that it is connected to machines, it still dreams, it still imagines, it still fears, it still projects, hopes, tries to be this or that. And it is completely unaware that now it can do nothing; the person it used to be attached to is no longer there.

You can keep this brain alive for thousands of years attached to mechanical devices, and it will go on chattering, round and round, the same things, because we have not yet been able to teach it new things. Once we can teach it new things, it will repeat new things.

There is an idea prevalent in scientific circles: It is a great wastage that a man like Albert Einstein dies and his brain also dies with him. If we could save the brain, implant the brain into somebody else’s body, then the brain would go on functioning. It doesn’t matter whether Albert Einstein is alive or not; that brain will continue to think about the theory of relativity, about stars and about theories. The idea is that just as people donate blood and people donate eyes before they die, people should start donating their brains too so that their brains can be kept. If we feel that they are special brains, very qualified and it is sheer wastage to let them die, then we can transplant them.

Some idiot can be made an Albert Einstein, and the idiot will never know - because inside the skull of man there is no sensitivity; you can change anything and the person will never know. Just make the person unconscious and change anything you want to change in his brain - the whole brain you can change - and he will wake up with the new brain, with the new chattering, and he will not even suspect what has happened.

This chattering is our education, and it is basically wrong because it teaches you only half of the process - how to use the mind. It does not teach you how to stop it so that it can relax - because even when you are asleep it goes on continuing. It knows no sleep. Seventy years, eighty years, it works continuously.

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