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Chapter 9: The Fall of the Idiots

When you come out of your prison of senses, nervous system, brain, mind, layers and layers of walls, suddenly individuals disappear. A vast energy in millions of forms, and every form indicating towards the formless, and every form melting and merging into other forms: a vast ocean of formless beauty, truth, goodness. Hindus call it sat-chit-anand: that which is, that which is beautiful, that which is good, that which is blissful. This is direct perception, aparokshanubhuti, immediate knowing.

Otherwise, all your knowing is indirect, depending on messengers which are not very reliable, cannot be. Their very nature is unreliable. Why? Your hand touches something. Now the hand is an unconscious thing. From the very beginning an unconscious part of you takes the message. Intelligence is hidden behind, and on the door an idiot is sitting and the idiot takes the message. The idiot is the receptionist. The hand is not conscious, and the hand touches something and receives the message. Now the message travels through the nerves. Nerves are not conscious, they don’t have any intelligence - so now the message is given from one idiot to another. From the first idiot to the second, much must have changed.

In the first place, the idiot cannot be a hundred percent right because he cannot understand; understanding is not there. The hand is dull, very dull. It carries the work in a mechanical way, robotlike. The message is delivered; much has already changed. The nerves take it to the brain and the brain decodes it. And the brain is also not very intelligent, because the brain is part of the body, it is the other end of the hand.

If you know something of physiology, you must know that the right hand is connected to the left hemisphere of the brain and the left hand to the right hemisphere of the brain. Your two hands are two receiving ends of the brain. They function for the brain; they are the extended brain. Your right hand carries a message to the left brain, your left hand to the right brain. The brain is also not alert; the brain is just like a computer: something is fed to it, it decodes. It is a mechanism. Sooner or later we will be able to make plastic brains, because they will be cheap and they will endure more and they will create less trouble - and they can be operated on very easily and the parts can be changed; you can even have spare parts always with you.

The brain is a mechanism. And with the discovery of computers it has become perfectly clear that the brain is a mechanism; it has no intelligence in it. Then the brain accumulates all the information, decodes it, gives the message to the mind. Your mind has a little intelligence, that too very little, because your mind is not alert. Your hand is mechanical, your brain is mechanical, your nervous system mechanical, and your mind is asleep, as if drunk. So from one idiot to another idiot, then finally the message reaches to a drunkard!

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