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Chapter 9: Society’s Justice Is Revenge

The miracle of money is that it can be accumulated. You cannot accumulate wheat. How much can you accumulate? - it will get rotten. You cannot accumulate flowers, you cannot accumulate milk products, how much can you keep? You have to share them, and you have to be quick to share them - because the fresher they are, the better. The currency note never gets old, and the currency note never gets rotten. You can go on collecting currency notes.

The division of classes in the society between the poor and the rich is because of currency notes. The rebel will remove all currency, all money.

Everybody should get his needs fulfilled. The commune will be responsible to take care of the individual. The commune will make every effort to be richer, to be healthier, to allow people to live more comfortably, to live more luxuriously. But for that you don’t need a great bank account, and you don’t need to reduce thousands of people to starvation.

The rebel will look at every problem of life from its very roots. He will not repress the symptoms, he will destroy the causes. And if all the causes of injustice are destroyed, then justice is restored for the first time.

Right now, we are all living under injustice, multidimensional injustice. And to keep this injustice prevailing, we have armies, we have police, we have national guards, we have courts and we have judges. These professions are absolutely useless! All these people should be taught some craft - shoemaking, weaving clothes, carpentry. If they cannot do anything very skillful, then unskilled labor - they can at least carry bricks, participate in the construction of houses and roads. At the very least, all your judges and all your great law experts can become gardeners.

But the whole justice establishment is there to protect the many injustices that are in existence, and the people who are in power want those injustices to continue.

The world of my vision, the world of the new man, will remove all causes. Many crimes - murder, rape, even stealing - are hereditary. You need your chemistry to be changed, your hormones to be changed. A few crimes are committed because you have a wrong psychology; you need a good brainwash, and more clarity of vision. And all this should not be considered as punishment. If somebody is suffering from tuberculosis you send him to the hospital, not to jail, and to be in the hospital is not considered to be criminal. And once you are healthy, and back in the society, your dignity is not destroyed.

There are many problems which have not even been touched by the old man. They have been avoiding them, postponing them. Their greatest fear was that the powerful people were one of the causes of all crimes, that the rich people were a cause of all crimes, that the priests were a cause of all the sexual crimes, sexual perversions, homosexuality, lesbianism. They never brought those causes to light.

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