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Chapter 10: My Work Has Just Begun

I have no reason to be nervous, I simply enjoy their nervousness. It is strange, something new. The table with the water is placed by the side of the person who is being interviewed. Because when he feels nervous he can start drinking just to do something: get busy, forget nervousness, and meanwhile he also has time to think what to say next. Here, it is just the opposite: the water and everything is placed by the side of the media. And I see them plucking grapes, taking water, tossing and turning in their chair, sometimes looking at the photographer, sometimes at the director.

They will never forget the interview, because that kind of interview is never going to happen to them unless they come here again, to have another nervous breakdown. But my work is first to give you a nervous breakdown, because only from there is there a possibility of a spiritual breakthrough. Breakdown to breakthrough, that’s the whole story.