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Chapter 3: The Feel of It

The word psychology is beautiful: it comes from psyche, and psyche means the soul. But no psychologist agrees with the idea of the soul. In fact they have no right to call their thinking psychology; they are using a wrong word, a far bigger word. They are all either believers in the body or believers in the mind, which are not really separate things. Mindbody is one phenomenon. In fact we should not use the word and between the two. Mindbody should be a single word, because there is not that much difference that you can use the word and. Not even a hyphen is needed, not even that much space is available. Body is mind looked at from the outside, mind is body looked at from the inside. Or in other words, the body is the outer expression of the mind and the mind is the inner expression of the same phenomenon - just in two different dimensions.

Unless one goes beyond both, one never knows anything about the breakthrough. And man is really falling apart all over the world because of this stupid idea that man is nothing but body or nothing but mind, or at the most both. A breakthrough is possible if there is more space available inside you so that you can put the mind aside and still be.

But when the skin of all the past, of all the memories is dropped, there are moments, very delicate moments, when you are nowhere. You are neither the old nor the new, you are just passing through the birth canal. It is painful too because the old identity is disappearing and the new has not yet arrived. You can become very much frightened; hence the master is needed.

The function of the master is to help you in such critical moments. Socrates used to say that the function of the master is that of a midwife, and I absolutely agree with him. It is just to help the child leave the womb in which the child has lived for nine months.and the child has lived in immense comfort. In fact, he will search and seek for the same comforts his whole life. There was no responsibility, no worry, no problem. Everything was supplied; existence took every care. Some unknown energies went on flowing from the mother to the child. Everything was done by the mother, and the child was simply floating inside the womb. Those nine months are nine months for the people who are outside the womb; for the child it is almost infinity because he is not aware of time, he cannot be aware of time. You become aware of time only when there are events happening.

Have you watched this? If one day many things happen you have a different sense of time, if some day nothing happens you have a totally different sense of the time. The sense of time depends on what happens. Time is measured through events. But nothing is happening in the womb, all is quiet. The child cannot feel that this is only nine months; it is infinity, it is a timeless state. And floating in the mother’s womb in a warm liquid is immensely pleasant.

That is how the desire for bliss arises in us - because we have experienced it. Otherwise, you cannot seek for anything that you have never experienced. Something must be there lingering deep down in your unconscious - some experience, some nostalgia that keeps you searching for bliss.

The whole search for godliness is basically the search for the mother’s womb. And the meditator really enters into the womb of godliness.

In the Hindu temples the innermost shrine is called garbha - the womb. When you go into a Hindu temple, the innermost shrine where the statue of the god is, is called garbha - the womb. It is very significant, very meaningful. To enter again into the universe in a deep let-go is to find peace, bliss, a non-problematic existence. That is breakthrough.

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