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Chapter 6: Buddhahood: Not Only for the Chosen Few

Or somebody is greedy, a miser, and millions of diseases, very complicated, and they have been to psychoanalysts and they have failed, and they have been to this saint and that, and everybody has failed. In fact, they feel very good that everybody has failed because they are not ordinary people, their disease is very complex, complicated. And if I suggest just common water - meditation - will do, they look suspicious. And I tell you: meditation will do.

Your ego has to be put aside. It creates all sorts of problems. Only meditation will do.

And what is meditation? It is just putting the mind aside. Being without the mind for a few moments is meditation. And once you know for a few moments, you have the key. Then whenever you need, you can move withinwards. It is just like in-going breath, outgoing breath: you go out in the world, it is outgoing breath; you come in, it is in-going breath. Meditation is in-going breath.

Forget about love, anger, greed, a thousand and one problems. Problems may be a thousand and one, but the medicine is only one. And you may be surprised that the word meditation comes from the same root from where medicine comes. Medicine and meditation come from the same root. Meditation is a medicine, is the only medicine.

So forget about your problems, just move into meditation. And the deeper you will move, the more the false things will disappear. First there will be emptiness, nothingness. You will feel afraid. But don’t be afraid. That’s how it happens to everybody. I have been in that same state of fear - I know, it happens, I can understand. But be courageous and move on.

If you can move on and on, any day, any moment, suddenly it happens - just a click, something clicks: the old has disappeared and the new has appeared. You are resurrected!

Enough for today.