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Chapter 9: Nothing Weaker than Water

Lao Tzu says:

There is nothing weaker than water
but none is superior to it in overcoming the hard,
for which there is no substitute.
That weakness overcomes strength and gentleness overcomes rigidity,
no one does not know; no one can put into practice.

Therefore the sage says:
who receives unto himself the calumny of the world
is the preserver of the state.
Who bears himself the sins of the world
is the king of the world.
Straight words seem crooked.

It is said that God created Adam but Adam was dead. Then God breathed in him and he became alive.

The same story is told in many creation myths all over the world: Christian, Hindu, Jewish and many others.

The story seems to be very significant. The meaning is that when you breathe you don’t breathe, God breathes in you. The whole breathes in you. This has to be understood very deeply because the whole method of Tao, the whole science of Yoga, depends on breath.

Because this is going to be the last lecture on Lao Tzu I would like to tell you everything about the system so that if you want you can move into it; not only think about it but become one with it.

The breath is the most important thing. With it life starts and with it life ends. It is the most mysterious thing; without it there is no possibility of life.

Life seems just a shadow of breath. When breath disappears life disappears. So this phenomenon of breathing has to be understood.

Every child born is not really alive until he breathes. He has very few moments left. If he breathes after the birth, in those few moments life enters. If he does not breathe he will remain dead.

Those first few moments of life are the most important. The doctors, the parents, all become concerned when a child is born. will he breathe? will he cry? and the breathing start? Or will he remain dead? Again, as in all the myths created, in every man Adam is born again.

The child cannot breathe on his own. To expect that is impossible because the child does not know how to breathe, nobody has taught him. This is going to be his first act, so this cannot be his act.

Let me repeat it: This is going to be his first and the most significant act - that’s why it cannot be his act. If God does it - okay; if God is not willing - finished.

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