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Chapter 4: When Grapes Are Sour

And the man answered and said, “Because never, in no place, have I been able to imagine it.”

And there was silence in the House of Judgment.

How can you send a man to heaven who cannot even imagine it, who has never tasted it? How can you send a man to heaven who has not created it in his own soul? Impossible. He defeated God. Hell is not possible because he has lived there and there is no other hell. Heaven is not possible unless you create it. Unless you carry it within yourself you cannot find it anywhere.

It is said in all the religious books of the world that saints go to heaven, but it is a half-statement. They go to heaven because they live in heaven; they go to heaven because they have created their heaven. In fact, to be in heaven, you will have to have heaven within you - there is no other way.

To be intelligent is to create your own heaven, is to create your own happiness, otherwise there is none. If you create it, you have it. It is just like breathing: if you breathe, you are alive; if you don’t breathe, you are not alive. If you create happiness, you are happy; if you don’t create, you are unhappy. Unhappiness needs no creativity on your part. Unhappiness is a negative state, it need not be created. Happiness is not negative, it is a positive state, it has to be created. Absence can be there but the presence has to be created.

Remember it and don’t become victims of such quotes. In the West there are many foolish statements in circulation. These statements may appear to be very penetrating - they are not.

The second question:

During my dancing meditation I kept having flashes about what you said concerning the society, drugs, etc. And wondering that now that I am intoxicated by the ultimate drug - you, Osho - can anyone take that away from me? Bring me down from that eternal high?

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