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Chapter 2: The Thread of Meditation

Here, in the commune, whatever you are doing.. Here we call work, worship, for the simple reason that work is not just work, it is meditation also. That’s why we call it worship. Other than this we don’t have any God to worship. We have only this existence around us. So you can worship it as a gardener, you can worship it as a farmer, you can worship it as a road maker, you can worship any way you choose to. But whatever you are doing, you are doing with existence.

So the question is, if you are doing it lovingly, if you are doing it meditatively, and if, while you are doing it, you are nowhere else, you are just there with all of your being, nothing is missing - then work becomes worship. Work becomes worship because meditation has entered into it.

But I can understand your question, because all the religions have preached that there should be a separate time for meditation. That is just idiotic. It is as if somebody is saying there should be a separate time for breathing, that one hour in the morning you breathe and then forget about it, and for twenty-three hours you do other things. You need not be disturbed by having to breathe; you can do other things, breathing continues.

A thousand and one things continue in your body: the blood goes on circulating, the pulse goes on functioning, the heart goes on beating.. Scientists say the body of man is perhaps the greatest miracle in existence because so much is going on in it. Almost seven million living cells are continuously working within you. You are the biggest city in the world.

Seven million living beings are living in you, and they are doing all kinds of work and doing it perfectly, without any guidance and without any education, without anybody being the overseer - I mean no God as overseer. You may go on doing anything, your organic processes continue.

To me meditation is an organic process. To other religions it was not; hence, all those religions have failed. They were bound to fail. It is not an accident, it was destined; their very base was wrong. What they called meditation was nothing but some kind of thinking. The Christian was thinking of Christ, praying to God with folded hands, kneeling down. He knows neither whether God exists or not, nor whether Jesus Christ is really a messiah or just a charlatan. He knows nothing, but out of fear, out of misery, out of anguish, he is praying; and this, Christianity calls meditation.

And what is he asking God? He is asking for all those things which he is missing here in this life, which he cannot manage to create here for himself. He is asking God, “At least in the other life, give them to me; I have suffered enough.” He is asking - in fact, deep down it is a complaint.

All prayers are complaints; otherwise, what have you got to pray for if there is no complaint? Every prayer simply means you are condemning God. You are saying, “You are doing it wrong. Please do it this way.”

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