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Chapter 5: Osho Leads Dynamic Meditation 2

There is going to be some change in the schedule. From tomorrow, mornings will be devoted to meditation alone, and evenings will be exclusively for discourses. But today we will follow the old schedule.

Let us now sit for meditation.

Take your seats apart, keeping a distance from one another. But do not go far, because this morning I noticed that friends who had moved far away were deprived of the benefits of the psychic atmosphere that is being created here. So don’t go far, and yet keep some distance from one another without leaving lots of empty space unused. Don’t go out of the energy field that is being built here, otherwise you will not be able to benefit from it.

So those who have moved far away should come closer, but not too close. Friends who want to lie down should find their places and lie down. And those who want to meditate sitting can do so, but don’t leave big gaps amongst you. And don’t talk, let there be no chitchatting at all. What can be done without talking should be done without it.

[Some rocks are thrown from somewhere and fall on the meeting ground, but Osho continues to speak in his calm and serene voice.]

What is the matter? Is it rocks coming? It does not matter. Keep the rocks with you with care. Someone must have pelted them out of love.

Those who are talking in the back should stop at once. If they wish to stay here they should quietly sit down, or else they may leave. No one should be here as a spectator, and even if someone wants to remain as a spectator, they should observe complete silence. No one will disturb another in any way.

It seems someone has pelted rocks, and he has done it more than a couple of times. If he thinks it is necessary for him to do so, he should direct them to me and to no one else.

[First stage:]

It is okay. Please sit down. And sit down wherever you are.

And now close your eyes. For one full hour you have to bring your total energy to work. Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply. See how powerfully the ocean is breathing - and how vigorously the pine trees are breathing. Breathe with abandon. Invest your whole energy into it. Draw a deep breath in and then expel it as vigorously and fully as possible. Do only one thing for these ten minutes and that is breathing, and breathing deeply and vigorously. Inhale and exhale deeply, rapidly and vigorously.

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