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Chapter 5: Vital Experiments in Meditation

So I will explain the experiment to you. It is very simple; all significant things are simple. It is the insignificant things that are complex and difficult. All truths are simple; it is the untruth that is complex. But people are strange - if something seems very complex and difficult, they think it must be some very profound truth, some very deep truth. It is not so. All truths of life are as simple as two and two make four; only untruths are difficult. The untruth has to be difficult, because if it is simple it will become clear that it is untrue. The untruth has to move cunningly in circles so that it cannot be discovered to be untrue.

Truth stands simply straight and naked. As it is, so it is. There is no need for it to hide or to change faces. This is why all the difficult things that have been said in the world are generally untrue. All the true things that have been said in the world are simple and straightforward. Whether it is the Upanishads or the Gita or the Koran or the Bible; whether it is the words of Buddha or Mahavira - they are as simple as two and two make four.

This experiment that I am going to show you is very simple - and it brings amazing results. In this experiment there are four stages of ten minutes each. In the first three stages you have to do something, but in the fourth stage you don’t have to do anything; you have only to wait for the divine energy to work.

In the first stage the experiment involves ten minutes of fast breathing. For ten minutes you have to breathe like a blacksmith’s bellows, you have to breathe as fast as you can. The breathing has to hit as deeply as possible. The breathing has to be used like a bellows. The life energy that is dormant within us will awaken when the breathing hits hard.

Perhaps you may not know that in our bodies - not only in our bodies, but the energy that is dormant in all forms of life is nothing but a form of electricity. The energy with which our bodies are functioning is also a form of electricity. This organic electricity is life energy. The more oxygen this life energy gets, the more intensely it will awaken. This is why people die from lack of oxygen. Even if someone is just on the verge of death and oxygen is given to him, he can be kept alive for at least some time.

In these ten minutes you have to exhale with such force that all the air inside your body will go out and the fresh air from the outside will come in. The proportion of oxygen in your body has to be changed. It will change on its own, and the force of the breathing has to be such that the energy, which is asleep in the body, will start awakening. Within five minutes of beginning this experiment at least sixty percent of people will feel vibrations in their bodies. You will feel that something has begun to vibrate and to rise upwards. Yoga has called it kundalini. If we ask science, it will say it is body electricity; it will say that this is the electricity of the body.

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