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Chapter 8: Total Acceptance and Non-Division: The Meaning of Tantric Purity

Tantra accepts you in your totality, in your wholeness, because Tantra says, either accept wholly or reject wholly; there is no in between. A man is a whole, an organic whole. You cannot divide it. You cannot say, “We will not accept this,” because that which you reject is organically joined to that which you accept.

It is like this.. My body is there. Someone comes and says, “We accept your blood circulation, but we do not accept the noise of your heart. This continuous beating of your heart we do not accept. We accept your blood circulation. It is okay, it is silent.” But my blood circulation is through my heart, and the beating is basically related with blood circulation; it happens because of it. So what am I to do? My heart and my blood circulation are an organic unity. They are not two things, they are one.

So either accept me totally or reject me totally, but do not try to divide me because then you will create a dishonesty, a deep dishonesty. If you go on condemning my heartbeat, then I will also start condemning my heartbeat. But the blood won’t be able to circulate and I cannot be alive without it. So what to do? Go on as you are, and go on all the time saying something else which you are not, which you cannot be.

It is not difficult to see how heart and blood circulation are related, but it is difficult to see how love and hate are related. They are one. When you love someone, what are you doing? It is one movement, like breath going out. When you love someone, what are you doing? You are going out to meet him, it is a breath going out. When you hate someone, it is a breath coming back in.

When you love, you are attracted to someone. When you hate, you are repelled. Attraction and repulsion are two waves of one movement. Attraction and repulsion are not two things; you cannot divide them. You cannot say, “You can breathe in but you cannot breathe out, or you can breathe out but you cannot breathe in. You are allowed only one thing. Either go on breathing out or go on breathing in, do not do both.” How can you breathe in if you are not allowed to breathe out? And if you are not allowed to hate, you cannot love.

Tantra says, “We accept the whole man because man is an organic unity.” Man is a deep unity; you cannot discard anything. And this is as it should be - because if man is not an organic unity, then in this universe nothing can be an organic unity. Man is the peak of organic wholeness. The stone lying on the street is a unity. The tree is a unity. The flower and the bird are unities. Everything is a unity, so why not man? And man is the peak - a great unity, a very complex organic whole. Really, you cannot deny anything.

Tantra says, “We accept you as you are. That does not mean there is no need to change; that does not mean that now you have to stop growing. Rather, on the contrary, it means that we accept the basis of growth.” Now you can grow, but this growth is not going to be a choice. This growth is going to be a choiceless growth.

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