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Chapter 12: Be Capable of Non-Doing

The mind is the eyes, and the totality is neglected; only the eyes have become important. Your eyes are almost ninety-eight percent of you. Touch is no longer meaningful, smell and taste are no longer meaningful; they are just neglected parts. Sometimes the mind allows you to enjoy them, but the control remains with the mind.

So when you ask me, I will not say how. I am simply saying be aware that the mind cannot be the last fulfillment. It cannot be, because it is only a part. The whole cannot be fulfilled by the part. You are more than your mind, infinitely more, so don’t go on locked in the mind, imprisoned in the mind. Laugh, weep, dance, cry, sing, run, jog, jump, do whatsoever - but don’t think about it.

Every day find something you can do for a few hours without thinking about it. Dig a hole in the earth, that will do. Perspire in the hot sun, and dig, just be the digger - in fact not the digger but the digging. Forget yourself completely in it. Become a participant and suddenly you will see a new energy arising.

You have claimed your whole being; now the head is not the only thing. Suddenly your dead parts are becoming alive, and you will feel - you will actually feel - hands, legs, the whole body coming alive as if a paralysis has disappeared. Mind is a paralysis, and hung up in the mind one is living a bogus life of words, concepts.

The whole effort here is to change your spectator-obsessed state into a flowing participant state. You will have to come once more.and I will be waiting.


I feel that I cannot breathe completely. I feel that I’m holding a lot here [indicating lower belly] inside.

Then Rolfing will be good. Through Rolfing breathing will become natural, and then you can continue it.

Breathing is one of the things to be looked after because it is one of the most important things. If you are not breathing fully, you cannot live fully..

Then almost everywhere you will be withholding something, even in love. In talking even, you will be withholding. You will not communicate completely; something will always remain incomplete.

Once breathing is perfect everything else falls into line. Breathing is life. But people ignore it, they don’t worry about it at all, they don’t pay it any attention. And every change that is going to happen is going to happen through the change in your breathing.

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