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Chapter 25: The Bell Always Tolls for Somebody Else

Now there is no reason why it cannot move one thousand miles per hour. The Japanese say - because Japan is such a small country - “We don’t need that much speed. Four hundred is too much, because in four hundred miles you can move from one end to the other end of Japan, and the train is so speedy it cannot stop in between.” You can’t have so many stops and stations. And if a train moves at one thousand miles an hour then it will have only two stops, the beginning and the terminus.

Speed is one of the great diseases of the modern man, because it has made impossible many things which can happen only in patience.

Love grows in patience, but you are so speedy, only divorce can grow out of it. With your speed, love is non-existential. It needs patience.

There are seasonal flowers; within six weeks they blossom - but within six weeks they are gone too. Their whole life span from seed to death is only twelve weeks at the most. But if you want a tree like the cedars of Lebanon, or the redwoods of California, thousands of years old, reaching hundreds of feet into the sky.. They have a certain pride and a certain personality.

The cedars of Lebanon have a grandeur, just like emperors; everything is just pygmy compared to them - but they take time. Four hundred years, five hundred years is nothing. They can go on growing for two thousand years; at two thousand years they will still be young. They will become old somewhere near four or five thousand years.

Now, you cannot grow these cedars like seasonal flowers. And if you are stubborn and insist that everything has to grow within six weeks’ time, then of course you will have to deny the existence of the cedars of Lebanon.

That’s what has happened to the Eastern methods which have proved totally different conclusions about what indicates death. Brahma Yogi practiced for thirty years a certain method of breathing which makes you capable of stopping the breath, the pulse and the heartbeat for ten minutes. He exhibited what he attained to almost all the great medical centers in the world, the great universities of the world.

In Oxford ten doctors, the topmost, looked in every possible way, and they all certified that the man was dead. But after ten minutes the man was back, and he said, “Now what do you say? You were deciding by symptoms - symptoms may not be there. Life energy is something else. It is not breathing. Yes, it needs breathing, it uses breathing, breathing is its means; but life energy itself is not breathing. It can exist without breathing.”

If it can exist for ten minutes it can exist for ten years. The question is whether life energy can remain separate from breathing, from the heartbeat, the pulse. Brahma Yogi’s effort was to prove that your symptoms of death are simply symptoms of a body which has become incapable of keeping the life energy in itself. It is not a proof of death.

But it is a strange world. The man proved his point in front of all the scientists of the world. But the problem for the scientist is, who is going to be trained for thirty years in a certain breathing technique? Who is going to be ready for that? People want instant coffee, and you are talking about thirty years of a breathing technique!

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