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Chapter 5: Vital Experiments in Meditation

About sixty percent of people will suddenly find that much is happening inside them. To most people it will happen on its own, with no problem. But for the friends who feel that nothing is happening to them, it is only because they have suppressed so much that the layer in between is not allowing them to go deep inside. They should not worry about it. If it is not happening to you, then you should do whatever you can for the ten minutes. If you can manage to dance even a little, you should keep dancing. It is not a question of any method, rhythm or technique. If you can even just barely shout, you should continue shouting. Tomorrow you may find that there has been a breakthrough and then all the bitterness will start to come out spontaneously.

The effect of this ten minutes is very deep. After this ten minutes of dancing, shouting, shaking and laughing, you will become lighter than you have ever been before in your life. The electricity that will awaken in your body in the first stage will help you in dancing, shouting, crying and laughing. You also have to cooperate from your side, and whatever comes from within has to be allowed to happen totally. If your hands are shaking even a little bit, make them shake totally so that whatever impulses are suppressed in them can be released, catharted. Through this experiment more can happen in these four days than can happen even in four years through any other experiment.

After the second stage your body will feel weightless, as if it has become absolutely light, as if it can fly. Two things will be felt. After the first stage the body will feel to be full of energy; after the second stage, energy will be fully there but the body will have become weightless and light. After the second stage you will feel that there is no body but only an energy.

In this second stage an amazing phenomenon will be experienced by those of you who have really been total with this experiment, and that is that for the first time you will start feeling that the body and you are separate. If you let go of your body totally, your identity with the body will be broken. This can happen today; the only condition is that you cooperate with it totally, that you do not hold back. You are not to worry what others will think when you dance or shout. Whatever is happening from inside you, let it happen, don’t worry about it. And then in this ten minutes, what you have always heard and read - that the body and you are separate - will become part of your experience. You will see the dancing body separate from you; you will be a witness that the body is weeping. You will be able to see very clearly that someone else is laughing and you are witnessing. This realization is a necessary door for taking one deep into meditation. Without this, no one can be in meditation.

After this experience has happened in the second stage - “the body is separate and I am separate” - in the third stage there will arise a natural question: “Who am I?” Up to now you thought that you were the body, you were the breathing; now body and breathing are appearing as separate from you. Then who are you? In this third stage you will ask within yourselves, “Who am I?”

In the first ten minutes, fast and wild breathing; in the second ten minutes, absolute cooperation with the body; and in the third ten minutes, the intense inquiry, “Who am I?” You have to ask the question within yourselves so vigorously that from your head to your toes only one question starts echoing: “Who am I?” And the waves of electricity that will be awakened by this stage will catch your question and will start echoing in the vibrations of the whole body: “Who am I?”

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