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Chapter 6: Moving Deeply into the Known

Mind is always against sex, because sex is the only thing in ordinary life that can rebel against the mind. You have controlled the whole thing; only one thing remains uncontrolled. So mind is very much against sex because it is the only remaining link between the body and you. If it can be denied completely, then you can become totally cerebral and you are not a body at all.

The fear of sex is basically the fear of the body, because with sex the whole body becomes vibrating, vital, living. The moment sex takes over the body, the whole mind is pushed back; it is not there. Breathing takes it over; the breathing becomes vigorous, vital.

That is why I begin my meditation with breathing. With breathing, you begin to feel your whole body, every corner of it; the body is flooded; you become one with it. Now it is possible for you to take a jump.

The jump that is taken in sex is a very small jump, while the jump that is taken in meditation is a very great jump. In sex, you “jump” into someone else. Before that jump you need to be one with your body, and in that jump you need to expand still more - to another’s body. Your consciousness spreads beyond your body. In meditation you jump from your body to the whole body of the universe; you become one with it.

The second step of Dynamic Meditation is cathartic. Not only will you be one with your body, but all the tensions that have been accumulated in the body must be thrown out. The body must become light, unburdened, so the movements are to be vigorous, as vigorous as possible. Then the same thing that is possible in dervish dancing, in sufi dancing, becomes possible. If your movements are vital and vigorous, a moment will come when you will lose control. And that moment is needed. You must not be in control because your control is the barrier, you are the barrier. Your controlling faculty - your mind - is the barrier.

Go on moving. Of course, you will have to begin, but a moment will come when you will be taken over; you will feel that the control is lost. You are on the brink, now you can take the jump. Now you have again become a child. You have come back; all the conditioning is thrown. You do not care for anything; you do not care for what others think. Now everything that has been put into you by society is thrown; you have become just a dancing particle in the universe.

When you have thrown everything in the second stage of Dynamic Meditation, only then is the third stage possible. Your identity will be lost, your image will be broken, because whatever you know about yourself is not about yourself but only a labeling. You have been told you are this or that, and you have become identified with it. But with vigorous movement, with the cosmic dance, all identifications will be lost. You will be, for the first time, as you must have been when you were born. And with this new birth you will be a new person.