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Chapter 3: The Twenty-first Century Approach to Meditation

So man must first be rooted in the body, then rooted in his natural mind, and only then can he fall down deep into his own depths.

So I am a “yea sayer” - no conflict with anything. And I accept nature in its totality - no condemnation of anything, rather, accepting and transforming.

So I am not very much concerned with old traditions of yoga, not concerned.

How do you bring about the catharsis that you are talking about?

It takes time, but it is not difficult.

How do we suppress? The technique to release the suppression is just the opposite. The method of repression is to not express. If you feel angry, you don’t express it. You suppress it, you don’t allow it to come out. My method is quite the contrary. If you are angry, express it - not on someone, but in a vacuum. If you are angry at me, don’t express it to me, but go into a room and express it in the vacuum - because if you express to someone it creates a chain and you will never be out of it. If you suppress it within, it becomes poisonous. It will remain in your system and will go on doing many, many foolish things with you, and ultimately, you will have to express it somewhere, somehow.

So my method is to express all that is inside. If there are social problems, moral problems, don’t express it to people, express it in a vacuum. My method starts with expressing.

In the first step of the technique - we have four steps - in the first step, I insist on chaotic breathing; not systematic breathing, but chaotic breathing, because systematic breathing cannot disturb your suppressed being. Chaotic breathing is very meaningful because breath is associated.it is the link between your body and mind. If you are angry you have a different rhythm of breathing; if you are in love, a different rhythm of breathing; if you are sad, again a different rhythm of breathing; if you are relaxed, a different rhythm of breathing. Whatsoever the state of the mind, the breathing changes immediately. If you change the breathing, the state of mind is affected immediately. You cannot breathe rhythmically and be angry simultaneously. That is impossible. You cannot go into the sex act with very silent breathing. Impossible!

So first I insist on chaotic breathing. That chaotic breathing is just taking breath in and throwing it out, with no yoga system. Inhaling as much as possible then exhaling as much as possible; forgetting everything, just remembering that “I am inhaling and exhaling” so forcibly that every cell of the body is disturbed, and every cell of the mind is disturbed. You are trying to disturb the whole set pattern.

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