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Chapter 7: God Is the Power of Witnessing

Understand it in this way: what will ultimately manifest right now is a bud. The bud is not yet a flower, but it can become one. It is not certain though that it will become a flower; it may remain only a bud. It is possible for it to become a flower, it is also possible for it to wither only as a bud. On what does it depend that the bud becomes a flower? It depends on the juices that flow deep down within the bud. It will depend on how strongly the life-juices are flowing in the plant. If the life-juices are really flowing, the bud will open and become a flower; if the life-juices are weak, dull, not flowing, the bud will remain a bud and will not blossom into a flower.

The flower is the potential of the bud; it is not an actuality but a potentiality. Right now it is only a dream, but it can be realized. It will all depend on the juices in the bud itself.

God is a dream hidden in the being of man. If we take the being of man as a bud, then the divine is the flower. But it will all depend on the life-juices of the man himself. And the name for this juice is trust. How strong, how persistent, how potent, how intense is the longing within you? How deeply have you called to life? How deeply have you attracted life’s vitality towards you? How profoundly have you engaged yourself, how intensely have you dedicated yourself? How single-pointedly have you made the effort? Whether or not the bud will become a flower depends on all these things.

So a man who says that he has no trust, but who asks to be shown the path, is like a bud who is saying, “There is no juice in me, but tell me the way so that I can become a flower.” The path can be shown, but it would be pointless because it is not so much a question of the path as it is of the inner juices of the one who will travel on the path.

By trust is meant that one gathers all of one’s life energies together and risks. The risk is a difficult one because the bud has no idea whatsoever about the possibility of becoming the flower. The bud may also become worried that it may lose the gamble, that it may not become a flower and also lose whatever store of juice it has. This fear is there. The bud will have to consider, “What if I end up losing the juices that could have sustained me as a bud for a long time, and I don’t become a flower either? This will destroy my life!”

It is this fear that does not allow man to become religious. The fear is constantly there that, “I may lose whatsoever I have, and who knows? - I may or may not find something.”

This courage to jump into the unknown is what trust is all about.

A bud takes the jump and becomes a flower. And the joy of withering away after it has flowered is totally different, and to remain a bud is so painful. The joy of withering away as a flower is totally different! If the flower has completely bloomed, then to wither away is a joy, a pleasure, a blissful experience - because to have flowered is a relaxation, a natural thing. But if a bud falls down and is destroyed, it is very painful because nothing of fulfillment has happened to it yet. What could have happened has not happened yet: the bud has not yet sung the song it was meant to sing, it has not yet danced its dance. It has not yet had a dialogue with the moon and the stars or played with the winds. All of the life that is its potential has remained only a potential.

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