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Chapter 7: Difficult and Easy

The river Niranjana is not a very big river, but he was really weak. He remained clinging to the roots of a tree, otherwise the current would have taken him. There, clinging to the roots of a tree, he started thinking, “What have I been doing? I have simply destroyed myself, I have reached nowhere. The world is finished, that I have left behind - now this moksha, salvation, godliness, truth, whatsoever you call it - that too is finished, I don’t care. I drop that too. That moment he became unburdened.

When you search and seek there is a tension. That very tension becomes the barrier. When there was no search, no seeking, everything relaxed - the same happened to Buddha in the River Niranjana as had happened to Archimedes in his tub bath. He was relaxed, and when he was relaxed he felt an upsurge of energy.

Now this energy is not his, this energy is of the whole. He is no more there. You exist because of your seeking, greed, desire. When there is no greed, no desire, nothing to be attained - this moment enough, an end unto itself - then you are not. The ego disappears.

Then Buddha got out, relaxed under the bodhi tree. For years he had not relaxed. That night he slept perfectly. For the first time really he slept without dreams - because dreams are part of desires. In the day you dream, inside in your thinking; in daydreaming desires continue - a thousand and one desires, unfulfilled.

Dreams create some consolation for the mind: that which has not been fulfilled in the day is fulfilled in the dream. Dreams are consolations. But when you are not desiring, dreams disappear. And when dreams disappear, for the first time you sleep. For the first time you are so relaxed you disappear into the whole.

He slept well; for the first time he really slept. Early in the morning, when the last star was going to disappear, he opened his eyes: fresh, as fresh as a newly born child, with no attitude, no mind to look through, no desire - what Buddha calls trishna - no trishna, no desire.

That moment was eternity, because when you desire you are always moving into the future. That moment was eternity, no movement in the future, that moment was all. At that time Buddha became like a flower. A flower flowers here and now. A bird sings here and now. A man thinks always somewhere else, goes moving in the mind somewhere else. A man is never where he is. You can find him anywhere else, but you cannot find him where he is. Never!

Buddha that time was really in that moment - under the bodhi tree. Physically he was there, mentally he was there, spiritually he was there.that’s why that tree became the tree of enlightenment.

Not a single thought, not a ripple in the lake of his consciousness, everything silent, no desire disturbing, no turmoil. He looked at the last disappearing star and he became enlightened. And when people used to ask later on, “How did you attain?” he would say, “When I stopped searching, seeking. When I stopped being active - then, in deep inaction it happened.” It always happens so.

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